Vinnitsa Oil and Fat Production Plant increases its production volumes.

Last year in December the industrial group ViOil processed the record number of sunflower seeds – approximately 80 000 t.

These results were achieved due to modernization of Vinnitsa Oil and Fat Production Plant. As a result, its capacity has reached 2 900 t of sunflower seeds per day and the factory has become the largest in Europe in terms of processing on one platform. The group actively exports sunflower oil and oilseed meal to more than 50 countries.

In January Vinnitsa OFPP switched over to processing of soybeans. The company has established a modernized line for processing of this crop at the factory. Its capacity has reached 550 t per day. Now both plants in Vinnitsa are able to process 1650 t of soybeans per day. The company exports soybean meal to EU countries.

The equipment installed at our OFPPs allows them to work with three types of oil crops: sunflower, rapeseed and soybean. Such diversification of production helps the company to load the capacities regularly throughout the year. The director of Vinnitsa OFPP Dmytro Chalenko says that the possibility to simultaneously process several types of oilseeds makes our company unique.

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