Vinnitsia Oil and Fat Production Plant proceeds to process the sunflower seeds of new harvest

This year, the sunflower seeds newly harvested will be processed almost two week earlier. Vinnitsia Oil and Fat Production Plant is completely prepared to work with such a crop. «When the season starts, our plant will process about 1000 tons of sunflower seeds a day », – the commercial director of the industrial ViOil group, Ihor Hadomskyi said. Despite the early spring, generally, the weather in Ukraine has been favorable for growing late crops, sunflower in particular. In 2018/19 marketing years, the gross harvest of the crop will be 9% higher that year before and will amount to 14,6 mln of tons. «When the harvesting campaign starts all over Ukraine, and the sunflower will be actively processed, Vinnitsia Oil and Fat Production Plant выйдет will achieve its planned capacity of 2850 tons of seed a day », – Ihor Hadomskyi notes.