Second plant in the winery started its work

Second extraction plant is based on oil and fat plant and is part of the industrial group «Vioil». Its official opening was held on October 17th.
On the territory of PJSC “Vinnitsa Oil and Fat Plant “, opened a new plant that will give jobs to over hundred of residents. Residents of the neighborhood, located in the immediate vicinity of the plant, as a gift got thoroughly repaired road on the Ivanova street, drainage, landscaping park, playgrounds for sports games and basketball.
Today this plant produces about several kinds of products, which supply and sell in dozens of countries around the world.
The first phase of production for processing oilseeds already running. Thanks to the available facilities this plant can process about 1,200 tons of raw material per day. In total, the plant can pass through up to 2,200 tons per day. Extractor on the new plant is designed to power in 1800 tons per day. As the raw materials it can be used three types of crops: soybean, sunflower and rapeseed.
Vladimir Groisman, the mayor of Vinnitsa, very pleased by the interest of entrepreneurs to the city. Thus, he calls the industrial group «Vioil» a socially responsible company and a reliable partner. Its leaders are willing to compromise, to listen to the head of the administration and make efforts to develop this area. Both sides are interested in further productive cooperation and are ready to provide all possible assistance in solving any problems that arise. Groisman advised Ukrainian investors to follow the example «Vioil» and invest in Vinnitsa.
Residents of the city will remember the openning of a second plant thanks to the concert program with participation of popular Ukrainian groups and a number of useful changes. For example, the expanded road on the Ivanova street for motorists and pedestrians, better sidewalks, improved lighting, added bikeways. Residents of the private sector got improved sewage system, and for the young people were created several areas: children’s, sports and basketball playgrounds. Furthermore, they tidied park, located nearby. And on the day of Vinnitsia «Vioil» gave the city five new buses also.

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