This season, the IG ViOil has doubled its production of high oleic sunflower oil (HO sunflower oil).

The company keeps on developing and sophisticating its processing capacity of high oleic sunflower seeds. Nowadays, at the MEZ-2 of Vinnitsia Fat-and-Oil Industrial Complex ends the programme for processing of HO sunflower seeds. In total, during October-November, the ViOil Group has processed over 80 000 tons of high oleic sunflower seeds, having produced 35 000 tons of HO oil. It is twice as much as the same period last year. At the Vinnitsia Fat-and-Oil Industrial Complex is being implemented an unmatched technology for deodorizing HO sunflower oil. Our filling lines provide for its realization while producing PET-packaging (1 and 5l). The ViOil Industrial Group also exports HO oil in flex containers. “This product is high popular in European and South-East Asian countries, – says the Head of the Sales Department of the ViOil Industrial Group, Bohdan Korovii – High quality and utility properties of high oleic sunflower oil allow the company to receive additional prize per each ton”.