ViOil Group Increased Crude Sunflower Oil Production by 14%

ViOil Industrial Group increases overall production of crude sunflower oil. Last year, fat and oil plants in Vinnytsia and Chernivtsi, affiliated with the Group, produced 360.9 thousand tons of sunflower oil; it exceeded the annual output in 2016 by 14%. Totally, the Group processed more than 950,000 tons of sunflower seeds over the year. Both plants reached their design capacity. The fat and oil plant in Vinnytsia processes 2,850 tons of sunflower seeds per day, the plant in Chernivtsi — 500 tons. “Crude sunflower oil has been increasingly demanded in the global market. Last year, the sales geography expanded to 69 states compared to 55 in 2016,” stresses Ihor Hadomskyi, Commercial Director of ViOil Industrial Group, “In the nearest future, world demand for sunflower oil will continue to increase, especially in Asian countries, which inhabitants actively replace palm oil with sunflower one in their consumption. We foresee great opportunities for our product in the foreign market, so ViOil Group will continue to develop and increase production output.”
In addition to sunflower seeds, the Group’s plants also processed soybean and rapeseed last year.