Children’s Day

With the help of employees of the Industrial Group ViОil, a member of the city council Alla Vlasiuk, and a member of the oblast council Dmytro Chalenko, true festival of talents took place on Children’s Day, June 1, on the Maslozhir microdistrict waterfront. Children’s dance groups and solo artists from VinSmart “Podsolnukh” youth club presented their song and dance performances. In addition, the guests – dancing and singing groups of Vinnitsa – performed on the stage. Residents of the microdistrict also enjoyed all kinds of masterclasses, contests and fun games. The youngest citizens were especially pleased with the soap bubble show. “What matters above all is the health of our children, but it is equally important for us that they believe in the future of their country. And this is what we, adults, have to take care of. We must ensure that they have a happy childhood, because children need care and attention not only on holidays, but every day, — notes Alla Vlasiuk. – For our part, we do everything possible to make the younger residents of our city happy.” The Industrial Group ViОil, together with Vinnitsa city council, has reconstructed the VinSmart “Podsolnukh” youth club, where many young residents of Maslozhir are developing their talents.
”We are all perfectly aware that our children are our future. Still they need protection, support, love, and care. Therefore, it is in our hands to create conditions in which they will have the opportunity to develop their talents and abilities, and later become high class professionals, regardless of what profession they choose,” – stressed Dmytro Chalenko.
The festival’s highlight was ice cream, the favourite treat of both children and adults.