The employees of ViOil Industrial Group together with the councilpeople Alla Vlasyuk and Dmitriy Chalenko told the electorate about the work undertaken
The employees of ViOil Industrial Group, together with the councilwoman of Vinnitsa City Council Alla Vlasyuk and the councilman of Vinnitsa Region Council Dmitriy Chalenko, provided a progress report to the electorate represented by people residing in Vinnitsa OSCF PJSC neighborhood. Over the past two years, they have put effort to road repair and development of new bus stations, as well as introduction of new several municipal buses in circulation, lake embankment and development of several sports grounds, children’s playgrounds, and stadiums at the expense of social initiatives budget. Soniashnyk Local Youth Centre was renovated and taken into operation, several child educational institutions have been constructed, and voluntary clean-up took place with the participation of Vinnitsa OSCF PJSC employees and the local community (350 people). “During elections, we promised to do only things we were able to do. We were aware of the needs of the community. Sure, we would like a number of projects to be finished sooner”, Alla Vlasyuk said. “More and more people come to us every day, thereby helping us get a better understanding of the community problems and enabling us to move in the right direction.” In the last year alone, the deputies held 24 meetings with citizens each, and were visited by more than 600 residents of Vinnitsa OSCF PJSC community.

“One of the basic business rules is to never give false promises. We never promised to do all that; we just said we were going to consider the situation and try to help the people. However, we managed to do a lot”, Dmitriy Chalenko commented. “We will do our best to continue the community development to make it one of the most comfortable places to live not only in Vinnitsa, but in Ukraine as a whole.”

Councilpeople Vlasyuk and Chalenko also provided their sponsor support and charitable assistance, including to some medical institutions and charitable organizations. As a socially-responsible company, ViOil invested in these projects as well. In particular, the group provides ATO participants with continuous support, namely food packages. Industrial Group ViOil also co-financed the renovation of the Soniashnyk Local Youth Centre and the lake embankment.