ViOil Industrial group sponsored the second family festival “Sonyakh”

For the second year in a row, residents and guests of the microdistrict gathered at the Sonyakh family festival, which was held on the embankment near the oil and fat production plant.

The festival was sponsored by a city council member, Alla Vlasyuk, a regional council member, Dmitriy Chalenko, ViOil Industrial Group, as well as city and regional authorities.

It was a fun, colorful and family-like event. The participants pleased guests with a varied programme for kids and adults. The guests enjoyed the performances of the best local on-stage performance groups. Also, a literary and cultural project “The Reading City” was held as part of the festival.

And of course, the main participants of this festival were children. There were all kinds of contests, workshops, prizes and gifts for them. “Childhood should bring joy. As adults, we should make it joyful not in words but in deeds,” says a member of regional council, Dmitriy Chalenko. “Perhaps for some of the kids, their participation in these contests or workshops will help to find their mission in life.”

Recreation areas were decorated with giant flowers. Guest could taste traditional Ukrainian dishes catered by Pani Solokha restaurant. As usual, the youngest guests chose the area where they were served ice cream. The event ended with a fun dancing party.

“We are glad that our family festival on the embankment is becoming a good tradition,” said a city council member, Alla Vlasyuk. “Such events allow not only to develop and demonstrate talents, to preserve family values, but also to instill love of our city and country in children and adults.”