ViOil Industrial Group is the Leading Ukrainian Producer and Exporter of High-Oleic Sunflower Oil

According to the APK-Inform Agency, ViOil Industrial Group has become the largest producer and exporter of high-oleic sunflower oil in Ukraine in 2016/17 marketing year. Our company accounted for a quarter of all exports of the product. In total, Ukraine sent to the foreign market almost 226,000 tonnes of high-oleic sunflower oil last season. This is twice as much as a previous year and a record for our country. Most of the high-oleic oil was sent to the European Union, in particular to Spain, Italy and the Netherlands. These countries accounted for 93% of all exports of this product. “Worldwide consumption of high-oleic sunflower oil increases by 7-10% every year,” says Bogdan Koroviy, Head of Sales Department at ViOil Industrial Group. “By its nutritional characteristics and quality, it does not concede to olive oil but costs much less.” Asian countries also appreciated the quality of high-oleic oil. Iran, Malaysia and India started to buy it on a high scale last season. “The food ration structure is changing in the countries of the Middle East,” explains Koroviy. “The population of these countries is switching from trans fats, such as palm oil, to useful polyunsaturated fats consumption. That is why the global demand for high-oleic sunflower oil will continue to grow in the coming years.”