In 2017 the Vinnitsia Oil and Fat Production Plant, belonging to ViОil Industrial group, produced about 22 000 tons of fats and margarines. The bulk of the demand for margarine products was from the Ukrainian food-processing industry enterprises. “In recent years, we haven’t supplied fats and margarines to the most of the CIS countries, thus, the internal market is a priority for our company”, — stressed Oleh Vynohradov, the head of sales of margarine products of the Vinnitsia Oil and Fat Production Plant. — We have been actively developed cooperation both with our traditional buyers — enterprises of confectionery industry, and have appeared in the spread manufacturers’ market”. ViОil has adopted a set of measures for our fats and margarines to comply with the strictest requirements of clients. “From March 1, 2018 the European Union introduced new requirements for Ukrainian fat production. We, together with our raw material suppliers, are developing a comprehensive effort to solve all the issues and to work stably on new markets”, — Oleh Vinohradov said.