ViOil raises sunflower meal output by 10%

In 2017, sunflower meal production of Vinnytsia OFPP and Chernivtsi OFPP totalled 290,412 tonnes, 10% up year-on-year. The increase was due to both plants reaching designed capacity.
Also, shipments in 40 ft containers loaded at ViOil Industrial Group’s facilities became more frequent in 2017. Thereby, the producer managed to speed up deliveries to customers and cut transportation costs. “As usual, Belarusian and Polish consumers showed the strongest demand for sunflower meal. However, we also managed to boost meal sales to Asia—to that destination, we ship it in containers,” ViOil’s Head of Sales Department Bogdan Koroviy said. Apart from sunflower meal, the company exported rapeseed and soybean meals.