ViOil Industrial Group is a number one rapeseed oil producer in Ukraine.

In total, our company has produced more than 33,000 tons of rapeseed oil this season. It is 2.2 times more as compared to the last year. Our oil extraction plants have processed nearly 76,000 tons of rapeseed.
“More than half of the total volume of unrefined rapeseed oil we sent to China. The rest was contracted to our partners from the European Union. They use rapeseed oil for production of biodiesel there,” says Bohdan Koroviy, Sales Director for Finished Goods of ViOil Industrial Group.
Rapeseed meal is in high demand both in Ukraine and in the foreign market. Its main importers are the EU countries, as well as the Mediterranean countries.
“The advantage of rapeseed meal over other protein feeds is its relatively low cost and high protein content,” says Bohdan Koroviy.

The production quantity of rapeseed oil in 2018.
|Company| Quantity, 1000 tones
|Vioil | 33,18
|Oliyar| 28,19
|Allseeds| 26,24
|Delta Wilmar CIS| 17,84
|Gradoliya| 7,95
|ZakhidAgro-Invest | 2,64
|Dniprooliya| 2,2
|Oliynyi Dim| 1,49
|Nizhynsky ZhK| 0,6
|Yasensvit| 0,4
|Others| 0,2

Data: Ukroliyaprom