ViOil Industrial Group Raises Containerised Meal Shipments

Every year during the harvesting period, there is a shortage of railcar fleet in Ukraine. To diversify shipments of its meal and deliver it in time, ViOil Industrial Group has started shipping more meal in 40-ft containers.
The containers are delivered to Vinnitsa Oil and Fat Production Plant on platform railcars and are filled at the facility so that the meal doesn’t have to be transhipped at the port.
“Containers open multiple advantages at once for ViOil,” Head of Finished Product Sales at ViOil Industrial Group Bohdan Koroviy said. “Firstly, we preserve the quality of our products. Secondly, containerised meal shipments enable us to avoid additional logistical costs related to meal transhipment at the port. Thirdly, we are less dependent on railcar fleet availability.”
ViOil group exports most of its meal to Asian countries.