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Manufacturing complex forms one industrial location occupying an area of 20,8 hectares. Boiler plants are operating on sunflower hulls, providing all production capacities with heat energy. Therefore it is possible to process two oil plants simultaneously reducing the production costs.

The territory of VOFPP can be approached by several roads and railways of total 6 km length. Today the plant is capable to accept up to 3500 tons of sunflower seeds per day and to receive two types of raw material simultaneously.

Today the main production capacities of VOFPP are:

  • Oil-extracting plant No. 1 processing oil seeds with daily capacity of 1000 tons of sunflower seed, 600 tons of rapeseed or 550 tons of soy beans;
  • Oil-extracting plant No. 2 processing oil plant seed with daily capacity of 1850 tons of sunflower seed, 1350 tons of rapeseed or 1100 tons of soy beans;
  • Hydrogenation plant with daily production capacity of 140 tons of fat and 90 tons of refined and deodorized oil;
  • PET-packing filling line with daily capacity of 30 tons;
  • Soft margarine and packaged fat production plant with daily capacity of 60 tons;
  • Granulated hulls (pellets) production plant with daily capacity 250 tons;
  • Elevators with capacity 24 000 tons of sunflower;
  • Oil meal elevator with capacity of 4 000 tons;
  • Oil storage tanks with capacity of 11 250 tons;
  • Oil drain station with the filling capacity of 2 000 tons in railway tanks per day and 1 300 tons in flexi containers per day;
  • Boiler station with total capacity of 35 tons of steam per hour.


Chernivtsi OFFP currently occupies approximately 15 hectares of land and comprises the following principal oilseed processing facilities:

  • Oilseed processing plant with a daily processing capacity of 500 tonnes of sunflower seeds, or 270 tonnes of rapeseeds or 220 tonnes of soy beans;
  • Oil hydrogenation, winterisation and deodorisation lines with a daily processing capacity of 75 tonnes of oil each.

In 2011, a new storage facility with the capacity to store 2,400 tonnes of sunflower seeds was commissioned at the plant. Chernivtsi OFPP’s storage facilities currently allow ViOil to simultaneously store up to 10 500 tonnes of sunflower seeds, 4 100 tonnes of oil and 1 500 tonnes of protein meal. The plant can accept delivery of up to 500 tonnes of sunflower seeds in railcars or up to 1000 tonnes of sunflower seeds in trucks.