The Industrial Group “KMT” appeared at the market in the early 1990s. It was created by several entrepreneurs in Vinnitsa who after USSR breakup decided to go into business. The main directions of “KMT” included the following: development and trade, in particular, the company sold vegetable oils to the Central Asia. The partners produced sunflower-seed and rapeseed oil according to the tolling scheme at Vinnitsa Oil and Fat Plant. In the era of complete shortages exports of vegetable oils brought good income. That’s why soon “KMT” was introduced according to the tolling scheme at Chernovtsy OFP. The group became the first in the country to produce the rapeseed oil. In the early 1990s the seeds of this crop with low erucic acid content were brought by our specialists from France and distributed among farmers. In 1994 in Vinnitsa the company installed the first line for bottling sunflower-seed oil into the PET bottles and began to produce branded oil “Violiya”. By the early 2000s Vinnitsa and Chernovtsy Fat and Oil Plants were included into the property of “KMT” group. Almost all its products “KMT” exported to Russia and the Central Asia.
The turning year for the Industrial Group “KMT” was 2006 because of disagreements on the development of the company and the partners decided to divide the business. Victor Ponomarchuk left “KMT” with the agricultural subdivision, which included two Oil and Fat Plants and seven Elevators for storage of sunflower seeds and rapeseeds. He also received all financial obligations of “KMT-Agro”. Development and other directions, including several engineering plants, remained by his former partners.
The history of the Industrial Group ViOil began in July 2006. It was then that Victor Ponomarchuk united agrarian assets of “KMT”. Since 2007 he began to modernize the companies, bought several elevators. Now ViOil possesses 11 elevators with total capacity of 300 000 tons.
During all this time the Group continued to actively develop export. In 2008 ViOil, first among Ukrainian companies, began to supply sunflower-seed oil to China. In order to reduce logistics costs by the delivery to the port, the Group developed the railway infrastructure of Vinnitsa OFP. At present ViOil is the leader in shipment of vegetable oils from Ukraine by flexi-containers.
In 2013 the company in record time built a new Oil-Crushing Plant at the territory of Vinnitsa OFP. This allowed ViOil to increase the capacities almost in three times. The company in Vinnitsa became the largest in Ukraine in volumes of processing at one platform. This concentration of production allows reducing the production costs. The Group also completely refused from the use of the natural gas. The own boiler house working on sunflower husks provides energy for our plants.
All Oil Crushing Plants of ViOil Group are multicultural. This allows loading the capacities evenly throughout the year. During the last few years the demand for soybean products has been growing in Ukraine and the whole world. Therefore in 2015 ViOil increased its capacities for processing of this culture to 50%. Now 1 700 tons of soybeans per day can be processed at two plants of Vinnitsa OFP.
In 2016 the company continued to invest in increasing the capacities. At present our enterprises can process 1,1 million tons of oilseeds per year. ViOil is included into three largest producers of vegetable oils in Ukraine and is the leader in the production of rapeseed oil. We export our products to more than 60 countries, including countries of CIS, EU, South-Eastern Asia.VIOIL OFFERS THE FOLLOWING PRODUCTS AND SERVICES TO THE PARTNERS: