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Pellets of Industrial Group «Vioil»: good quality of raw materials and products!

Pellets from sunflower husks are the most advantageous variant in terms of comparison concerning expenditure multiplier, cost and quality characteristics. The high calorific value of pellets with a lower acceptance limit of 17 (+/- 0.2), MJ / kg is objectively conditioned by their extremely dense compression at low humidity (less than 10-15%). Diameter of a pellet is 8 mm, length – 10-15 mm. Ash content of pellets from sunflower husks is minimal and makes up only 3-5% (ash is often used for crop fertilization), and scree varies within limits of up to 10%.

Specific advantages:

  • Environmental safety. These fuel cells are considered renewable, alternative, environmentally sound.
  • Safety. The complete absence of a risk of explosion, self-ignition because of temperature differences, hypoallergenicity.
  • Utilization flexibility. Pellets from sunflower husks can be used as a completely independent fuel source or in combination with other fuels (coal, peat etc.), for domestic and industrial purposes.
  • Real saving. Pellets are available, have low consumption, are durable and undemanding to storage conditions.
  • Convenient delivery and transportation. Pellets of IG «Vioil» can be delivered in any desired amount (with the option of a regular delivery) in bulk or in big bags according to the protocol FCA / CPT / DAP.
  • The bulk density of pellets during transportation varies within 500 kg per 1m3.

Why pellets of IG «Vioil»?

«Vioil» Team really know what their pellets are made from and absolutely openly declare it to the whole world, which eliminates all possible manipulations with their composition, speculations with the qualitative characteristics. Buying products «Vioil» you choose the naturalness and purity!


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TU U 15.4-00373758-025:2009

Diametr, mm 4 – 15
Length, mm 5 – 25
Caloric value – not less than 17 (+/-0,2) Mj/kg
Ash, to 5% Moisture and volatile matter, to 12%
Number of dust and scree, to 5%