Project of large-scale renovation of Chernivtsi Oil-and-Fat Plant

Industrial Group ViOil is preparing a project of large-scale renovation of Chernivtsi Oil-and-Fat Plant. According to the master plan, our factory in Chernivtsi will be able to process all kinds of oil crops: sunflower, soybean, rape and flax. This diversification will allow uniform loading of COFP facilities throughout the year. After the first site renovation, the plant will be manage to process 1,800 tons of sunflower seeds (or 1350 tons of rape, or 700 tons of flax). We are going to process 1600 tons of soybeans per day at the second site. For today the CFOP output is 460 tons of sunflower seeds per day.
ViOil is also planning to renovate the company’s logistic structure. We plan to increase capacity of the raw material receiving equipment, build new warehouses for its storage as well as a storage silo for oilseed meals, install new vegetable oil storage reservoirs, and renovate the steam generating unit and process utilities. “Expanding the raw material base to the West of Ukraine and increasing the oil production in this region will allow us to load the updated facilities at Chernivtsi Oil-and-Fat Plant with raw materials throughout the year, – emphasizes Igor Gadomskiy, ViOil Industrial Group Chief Commercial Officer. High-quality sunflower, soybeans and rape seeds will provide high output of final products while the proximity of the border with the EU will allow us to actively export oil and meal without any extra logistics costs.”