The team of the IG ViOil organized a community work day and cleaned the territory of VOFPP.

On the 8th of April, the community work day was held on the initiative of the employees of the industrial group ViOil. The staff of the company cleaned the surrounding territory of the five lakes situated in the area of Vinnitsa oil and fat plant. “Being environmentally friendly is part of the corporate social responsibility of the industrial group ViOil. We do our best to preserve the ecology of our region”, said CFO of ViOil Alla Vlasiuk, “350 people were not discouraged by rain and cold and turned up for cleaning. Such events make it possible not only to make Vinnitsa as clean as other European cities, but also to cultivate the respect for their native city as well as street culture in citizens”. After four hours of work, the company’s employees collected and removed 12 trucks of litter. The high-powered work Saturday ended with a picnic. The delicious fish soup, shish kebabs, pies and hot tea were prepared for the staff.