The ViOil Continues to Hold the Leading Position in the Production of High-Oleic Sunflower Oil

During the period from October 14 to November 14, the company has processed 30,000 tons of high-oleic sunflower seeds and obtained 13,500 tons of high-oleic oil. The ViOil group has exported almost all of its production. “The production of high-oleic oil allows us not only to diversify our business, but also to increase currency returns,” says Ihor Hadomskyi, the marketing director of the ViOil industrial group. – “The demand for this product in Europe and Southeast Asia keeps growing, and that gives us an opportunity to sell every ton of the product with an additional premium.”
The domestic market of high-oleic sunflower oil is not developing so fast yet and makes up not more than 2% of the total high-oleic oil production. “The confectionery and dairy industry, as well as fast food industry, could become the main consumers of this product in Ukraine,” thinks Hadomskyi.