Vinnytsya Oil and Fat Plant stops for overhaul ahead of new season

Vinnytsya Oil and Fat Plant has ceased operation ahead of the new season to conduct overhaul. The facility runs without stoppages for 330 days a year. “The overhaul will involve production capacity upgrades and preparations for the new season. We want to hit the ground running and seize new opportunities,” Director of the Vinnytsya OFP Dmytro Chalenko emphasised. During the previous stoppage, the plant’s processing capacity was expanded to 2,800 tpd of sunflower seeds, and granulation capacity—to 250 tpd of granulated husk. The facility will be re-launched in 25 days. Initially, the plant will process rapeseed. Over the next couple of months, it will handle about 100,000 t of the crop. “Rapeseed is among the most promising oil crops in the global production of vegetable oils,” Chalenko noted. “Its products—oil and meal specifically—enjoy robust demand in Ukraine and abroad. Rapeseed oil is used not only in the food industry but to make technical products, like biodiesel.”