VOSCF has resumed deliveries of high-protein sunflower meal

Vinnitsa Oil Seeds Crushing Factory (ViOil) has resumed deliveries of high-protein sunflower meal to Belarus. In late summer last year, the latter closed its market for pork supplies and protein fodder products from Ukraine on African swine fever (ASF) outbreak there.
Belarus has been one of the largest buyers of Ukrainian sunflower meal for many years. Belarusian companies purchased all soybean meal of summer processing at our plant before Vinnitsa Region fell into the ASF-affected zone. “Resumption of high-protein sunflower meal deliveries to Belarus is very important for ViOil since this country has traditionally been among our main destinations,” admits Bogdan Koroviy, ViOil Industrial Group’s Head of Finished Products Sales Department. “We are excited to ramp up shipments to this market that historically has been close to us.”
In recent years, sunflower meal production in Ukraine has been on the rise. Specifically, in MY 2015/2016, it gained 7 %.